About Vicki Blue's Domestic Discipline

There are lots of DD and spanking sites on the web, but Vicki Blue's is different.

The whip-wielding "BDSM" set will not find this a place that is comfortable for them. Neither does the group that are known as the "Red-Assed DDers". Generally, these "Red-Assers" are people who treat DD as a vehicle for getting spanked as often as possible and gauge DD not by the quality of your union but by how red their bottom is.

Things like personal responsiblity, respect and love are secondary to being over-the-knee.

Here, we treat DD as a relationship. We recognized and devote some discussion to corporal punishment, our overall emphasis is on making DD work as a long lasting relationship. DDers have specific issues that are unique to relationships where one partner assumes more power and control than the other.

Vicki Blue's Domestic Discipline is dedicated to supporting one another and approaching DD a relationship philosophy that also honors respect, trust, honesty and fidelity. It is a site which contains mostly non-fiction essays, with two short stories. In addition, Vicki publishes additional stories in the Members' area of Bethany's Woodshed.

If you'd like to visit Vicki's site, please return to the Bethany's Corner home page by clicking below, then click on the Vicki Blue banner.