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What's in Bethany's Woodshed?

Bethany's Woodshed is - as far as we know - the spanking site on the Internet with the most original and unique content. Our site is divided into two areas, our free area and our members' area. Our free area has a library, an advice column, an extensive links page, free classifieds, and many free stories. And then you have... our members' area. In our members' area is well over a million words of spanking fiction. MOST was written by women. There are continuing serialized novels by Bethany, short stories by Bethany and many others, including Vicki Blue, Sharon Green, and Helier, as well as a huge ART archive.

You can read one of Bethany's stories - for free - right here on the Bethany's Corner site by clicking here. Another free story by Bethany is available in the free area of Bethany's Woodshed. You can also find LONG excerpts of many of Bethany's other stories in the free area of Bethany's Woodshed. To explore Bethany's Woodshed, please click here.

Our Recent Updates Include:

 May 15, 2001
Fort Laramie
by Paula
One in a Million Chapter 3 by Frances Bartlett
Monica by Helier
Too Sweet by Kemmer
The Respectable Wife Chapter 2 - by Vicki Blue
Lady Brianna and the Orphan Chapter 8 by Kat

 May 1, 2001
The New Schoolmaster Chapter 3
by Bethany
Sailors Take Warning Chapter 4 by Frances LaGatta
The Education of Jesseca (Chapter Three of "The Education Series") by Laetitia
The Unwilling Bride Chapter 1 by Joannie
Old Tom's Response to Vicki Blue's Discipline and Self Discipline
Stanton and Blue - Chapter 3 - Life Lessons - by Vicki Blue

 April 16, 2001
Discipline and Self Discipline
- by Vicki Blue (Practical DD # 3)
Lady Brianna's Rebellion by Katy
Letter of Comfort by Old Tom
One in a Million Chapter 2 by Frances Bartlett
The Tamer Chapter 1 by Susie Daniel
Hidden Worlds Chapter 8 by Bethany
The Adventure of the Indolent Maid by JC Charles

April 1, 2001 - Semi - monthly updates begin
114 Rosemont
- by Vicki Blue
The Boss's Wife by Joannie
The Education of Analise (Chapter One of "The Education Series") by Laetitia
The Education of Kaitland (Chapter Two of "The Education Series") by Laetitia
Sailors Take Warning Chapter 3 by Frances LaGatta
Elizabeth Edgeworth Chapter 1 by Marie Jardin



A little about our philosophy in Bethany's Woodshed:

Why a spanking site? Because like most of you reading this, we are into spanking. This fetish has never been far from Bethany's mind since she was tiny. She can remember as a little tyke of no more than four LOVING an old-fashioned picture book in which a little mouse named Muggins was spanked with a slipper and another in which a bad doll was spanked by a teddy-bear. Like all the rest of you, she looked up the words "spanking" "paddle" "switch" "punish" in every dictionary she could find for years. She connived (evil little wench) to get playmates spanked. She knew every book in the children's department of the local library that contained spankings and can remember those spankings now 30 years later. During those years it has varied, for me, from being something that I have taken joy and pleasure in to something that I wish I'd never heard of. But for me it's here to stay, part of my sexuality, part of my world view, part of me.

Bethany's Woodshed is run by a couple in a committed relationship. We enjoy erotic spanking and use spanking for occasional discipline in real life. When we write about implements, we know - we've used them. Our site is not a "front page" to try to lure you to join "Spike's Bondage World."

Are we a site for "submissive" women? These "labels" are appropriate for some relationships, but many women who seek a spanking relationship are ANYTHING but submissive. They do not want a "24/7" relationship with a "master" yet still find that they need a disciplinary framework in their lives, backed up with spanking. One correspondent has suggested that the labels should be "spirited but needy women and the strong, caring men who love them." We agree with this, but that would add a lot of text to our pages!

Not only do we obviously not advocate violence towards women in any form, the non-consensual spankings portrayed in many of our stories have no place in real life. As much as many of you gentlemen may believe that the rude woman in front of you in the grocery store check-out could benefit from a little OTK time (and well she might!), you can't do it... and you know it. Within the context of a committed submissive relationship a woman might receive firm physical correction which is for her benefit and assists in personal growth. Although a woman may be very "unwilling" at the time to receive correction, ultimately she has chosen to be in the relationship and has of her own free will submitted to the dominant partner and his discipline. Such a "punishment" may well be painful, but it will never be violent.

We neither advocate nor reject the idea of the corporal punishment of children. These decisions are private, and need to be made within each family. However, we do believe strongly that adults who find "sexual" spanking erotic must be extremely cautious in this regard.

Occasionally, one of our stories may contain an adult character's recollection of childhood punishments. Our stories are exactly that: stories. Many adults fantasize about the "loss of control" that submission and spanking entail, and for some, this requires a childhood setting. Our fiction does discuss the corporal punishment of teenaged women, primarily in a historical or fantasy context, set in eras or "worlds" during which such events were a fact of life. Portraying historical reality does not imply that we believe that modern teenagers should be subjected to corporal punishment.